Bankruptcies and Liquidations


Protection of rights of an independent participant in a bidding process in bankruptcy proceedings

Project Complete

Support for and protection of the independent participant in a bidding process in the course of the bidding procedures in the condition of an unfriendly organizer of the bidding, coordination of actions of the engaged specialists, successful challenging iiligal tenders, the bidding price is over 5 million US dollars.


Protection of a minority creditor’s right in bankruptcy proceedings

Project Complete

Representation of interests of minority creditors in bankruptcy cases in arbitration court, challenging of transactions of the debtor’s directors, cooperation with the Federal Tax Service, defending the position with respect to the legitimacy of transactions based on which the creditors were included in the register, actual receipt of funds by the clients, in the presence of complicating elements such as the statement of the falsification of documents of the existing criminal case the subject matter of which overlapped with the subject matter of the arbitration dispute; the status of the debtor is a subsidiary of a state-owned corporation. The aggregate amount of clients’ claims is over 1 million US dollars, the clients remained in the status of witnesses; the funds were received by the clients in full.


Preventing the withdrawal of assets in favour of the former owner, preventing fake creditors from being included into the register

Project Complete

Management of rights of claim against a Russian debtor that owns real estate in the centre of Moscow (the rights of claim were bought out by Russian investors at the auction from an EC-based Bank in the course of the Bank's bankruptcy procedure (including due diligence procedure with respect to the purchasing investors’ rights by tender), organisation arrangement of coordinated actions of a group of creditors, challenging of suspicious transactions of the debtor, recovery of assets, legal support for receiver’s activities, initiation of a procedure for bringing unscrupulous former shareholders of the company to responsibility for the company’s debts and losses, criminal prosecution in connection with attempts to illegal withdrawal of assets, interception of control over the Facility in the course of the bankruptcy proceedings, challenging of the debtor’s transactions, challenging the rights of claim artificially included in the register of creditors of the debtor, formalisation of transactions between the investors of the project in the jurisdictions under English law (Cyprus) for withdrawal from the project (yield throughout the project for 1.5 year is over 300 %).


Bankruptcy as a way to effectively receive money by the client

Project Complete

Institution of bankruptcy proceedings in order to return of a liquid asset in the form of 100 % of shares in the operating company, challenging of a notarised asset disposal transaction (worth more than US$5 million); a criminal case against the former director has been initiated; a charge of fraud has been filed; the asset has been returned into the insolvency estate’ the bankruptcy procedure is terminated; the project has been completed.