Information Support

Most of our projects in the area of corporate conflicts were actually covered by the mass media one way or the other.

Smart & Loyal has collaborated with the mass media in one way or the other with respect to all major conflict projects (with the amount involved from $1 million).

When protecting against criminal risks, information support is also required to create a positive public opinion and to make available to the public any imbalances and illegal actions of law enforcement agencies.

Information support can help in forcing the state authorities work more actively with regards to aggrieved persons’ claims, return of illegally withdrawn assets, bringing the perpetrators to responsibility.

Often, this is a really useful resource that makes its contribution and can affect the outcome of the project, particularly where the opponent has a high status, administrative resource, influential partners among the public authorities, in the event of major commercial disputes and class actions, and where the court might make a subjective decision.

Information support means as follows:

  • PR-strategy development and selection of the target mass media;

  • Monitoring of trial participants’ activities, development of communicative detuning from opponents;

  • Involvement of the Federal press (RBC, The Kommersant, The Vedomosti, The Forbes) and television in the conduct of the case, and regional and legal media, where appropriate;

  • Cooperation with journalists (writing press releases, arrangement of interviews, coordination of texts));

  • Holding of press conferences on the judicial process;

  • Invitation of journalists to court sessions concerning the project;

  • Planning and coordination of PR-team’s activities throughout the project.