Bankruptcies and Liquidations

Full support for procedures, organisation of tenders, bringing to justice

The current practice expands the working tools of lawyers and provides opportunities to prove (in arbitration proceedings and in the course of verification of crime incident reports) relationships between nominally independent persons, to challenge economic expediency of a series of transactions and, eventually, to bring offenders to real justice both in terms of financial and criminal liability, as well as to file claims for damages directly to the beneficiaries of legal entities excluded from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Our services in this area:

  • Support for companies’ bankruptcy procedures both on the part of the debtor and on the part of independent creditors; legal support for receivers; system management of bad debts for the benefits of creditors, groups of creditors, and in bankruptcy procedures;

  • Successful challenging of suspicious debtor transactions; return of assets into the insolvency estate to be paid to real creditors; protection against inclusion of non-existing creditors into the list of creditors; commencement of pursuing secondary liability on the company’s shareholders/members with respect to company’s debts, and criminal prosecution;

  • Recovery of outstanding receivables on a turnkey basis: judicial practice, use of the debtor's bankruptcy resource, organisation of and support for enforcement proceedings;

  • Protection of bidders’ interests, participation in tenders under agency agreements for the benefits of clients; organisation of independent tenders; challenging unfair, imitation tenders;

  • Liquidation of companies; cancellation of liquidations of the companies in court; bringing of the controlling persons of the liquidated companies to justice.

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