Chuiko Irina Timofeyevna

We know what to do and strengthen our client's positions

Chuiko Irina Timofeyevna,

Managing Partner

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Chuiko Irina Timofeyevna,

Managing Partner, FORBES interview

Who we work for:

First and foremost, our clients are business, private investors that make decisions in relation to any asset, financing, transactions, projects and that want to clearly formalise arrangements and to have the opportunities for their real legal protection if something goes wrong and the situation changes.

Persons that are intrinsically right in essence and that are, by engaging the team of results-driven tenacious lawyers as their allies, willing to demand restoration of their rights, indemnification and accountability using all available remedies.

How can we help?

Smart & Loyal Team was formed in 2011 from employees of law firms and management companies of large business and investment funds that specialise in the distressed asset management. Each of the partners of Smart & Loyal “has flown” more than 10,000 flight hours in legal consulting in the real conditions of the Russian business, in its most flashpoint areas.

We have a unique experience in legal support for investments in the creation of new projects by several partners with different interests, in acquisitions of major assets and shares in businesses, as well as “expenses” of partners in the deadlock situations complicated by criminal claims of the parties to each other and overall climate of distrust.