Reviews and Investigations

Internal audit of companies, expert opinions on complex legal situations, legal investments

The Smart & Loyal specialists are regularly engaged as experts for the assessment of legal risks by investor when making investments, as well to formalize relationships between partners in the project.

In the conditions of modern Russian business, this service has been very much in demand because quite a number of holders of distressed assets, “situations”, do not have sufficient own capacities to legally achieve the result (because the result, i.e. gaining of profits would take several years in reality, and hence, the holders of distressed assets are ready to share potential profits with their partners while raising additional financing and resources, and share risks).

Almost all such agreements are non-standard and most difficult for real advocacy in court in the event of breach of agreements by one of the parties.

Our solutions:

In difficult conditions when interests of several persons partially coincide and may conflict or begin to come into conflict, it would be logical to obtain an independent legal opinion on the risks and consequences.

Carrying out an independent internal audit, obtaining expert opinions, in our experience, has been always a serious advantage for the client.

Our services in this area:

  • Independent expert examinations of legal positions and possible consequences concerning complex multicomponent situations entailing significant legal and financial consequences in the conditions of conflict of interests of the members, and high risk, including criminal risks;

  • Existing business risk analysis;

  • Expert examinations in legal investments, including for private investors when purchasing the rights of claim, including from Russian and foreign banks, verification of applicants.

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– They offer non-standard ideas and outside-the-box solutions, unexpected trials, they do routing work well.

Fedoseyev A.V.

CEO at INTALEV Group of companies